A Reflection on My Kitchen Garden – Gardening Update – Week 1

My desire for gardening over the last week seems to be getting stronger and stronger now that the sun is out.


I’m getting quite addicted to check each store’s gardening section for anything that could be handy now or later but am avoiding all the gimicky pretty patterned gloves, trowels as I know I don’t really look after them.  Today I resisted some totally cute mugs today that were only 99p in Home Bargains.

I have always wanted to grow veg each year but something has always got in the way – I’ve not been home much, I’ve planted too late in the year or plants have been knocked over.  But two years ago, I was able to avoid all of that and had some success where I could eat what I sowed.  It was worth the wait, time and a little effort.  I’ve learnt a little bit from my experience, how my Dad grows his veg and now know I need to keep a closer eye this time on anything getting eaten before I get chance to.

So if I reflect back on the week, I have started the propagation process for at least 10 different varieties and finished the week on Saturday buying more several more seeds from Aldi & Wilkos.  I then had to pop in to B&M to pick up the missing parts of our £19.99 greenhouse, position and fill it.


My veg had been in the conservatory all week and by Friday, my Cucumbers started to make an appearance and then on the evening, I saw that my Cabbages had popped up from the compost and beat the Cucumbers like it was a race.


Cucumbers Appeared First

I’ve been watching a lot Carol Klein from Gardener’s World on her show, Grow Your Own which is available on YouTube and she says cabbage are fast growing and tough little buggers.  Perfect.  Well, Carol isn’t telling porkies, I can assure you.

I was really inspired by her section on Jerusalem Artichokes but unfortunately I have not seen them in stores so I have decided for another time as hopefully I’ll have enough on my plate.  I do start to get waves of disappointment that I can’t some of the things I love doing for a living but if it became a job, it may feel too much like a chore.

I’ve also labelled some of the pots with plastic reusable labels, again from B&M which were multicoloured plastic as some cardboard labels soaked up moisture and got ruined.

I also made some raised bedding for a dog free zone from recycled timber.

I will continue to update a new blog at the beginning of every week and am currently working on my latest vlog for my 2nd channel, Vikkie’s Vlogs with a new week of garden activity.


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