My Mini Kitchen Garden Update – A Month On

Have I told you before that I don’t really know what I am doing when it comes to growing veg?  Well, I don’t.  I’ve had a handful of successes but a lot of failures due to planting to late and lost things to frost, knocked over plants pots, or not sweet talking my neighbour to water my plants when I’ve gone away.  They’ve been silly mistakes. So I am slowly learning how often to water, what plant food, planting and that sort of thing. I think the biggest mistake I had made this year is using every seed in the packets – I thought this was normal.


But a month on, I am now inundated with 80+ cabbage seedlings etc and limited space in my garden.  I’m pretty excited about it though.  I’m looking forward to creating some new recipes using ingredients straight from my back garden.


Yesterday I went to a jumble sale and bought a bundle of large plant pots, so today I was able to thin out a lot of overcrowded seedlings.  My spinach seedlings were starting to wilt after looking so promising, so this was my first priority.


My butternuts, courgettes and more cabbage seedlings were next to get my hands mucky and upgrade their pots.  All the other veggies are growing much slower but it’s allowing me more time to plan my new kitchen garden.


After a no-show with the parsnips that I sowed directly in to a garden patch, I am now planning to take over this area with cabbages and almost every garden edge featuring pretty rows, along with the odd broccoli and cauliflower plant. All other Mediterranean veg will be staying in the plastic greenhouse, however it already has splits in the cover and I haven’t had it long, so I’m hoping it holds up.


Another thing I know I’ll be up against are our little garden friends, snails.  It’s their right to eat just as well as ours so will have to look in to slug deterrents,  This is my pre-warning but I found this fellow picturesque.


Also if you never saw my gardening vlog on YouTube, then you won’t know that I lost my original Cucumber seedlings as they scorched inside their propagator pots.  I can now confirm I started afresh with new seeds and have some seedlings again, so all is not lost.


Another thing I’m pretty excited about is that I planted store bought salad potatoes that had turned to seed which every one has popped up.  I knew this was a risky move as they are not treated potatoes and are more prone to diseases.  Also, one of my apple trees has produced flowers (but not the tree next to the potato patch which may need moving).


Also, we live on a main road and a year on, we are still renovating our first home, so finally thought the front of our garden wall for all to see deserved some cheering up which adjoins to a council-owned grass verge, so we have planted some shake and rake flower seeds from Aldi along with a free lottery funded packet of BBC’s Countryfile Wild Flower Seeds and cannot wait to see some pretty flowers!


And finally, I woke up one morning to find a visitor in my greenhouse… a bluetit!  It looked frazzled like it had been trying to figure out which way it had come in and I let it out.  It was pretty awesome and managed to catch it on film for my gardening vlog!

I hope you found this fun encouraging and am looking forward to reporting back with more progress when it happens!

Tastefully Vikkie x


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