The 9p Bean Burger – Vegan Recipe Inspired by A Girl Called Jack – Cooking & Camping in London

So I am currently in Chertsey, in Greater London blogging and sipping my 2nd coffee from my campervan which I’ll be in for two days while my fiance works near by.  Luckily I need to send parcels for my business every other day and brought some with me so I can try and squeeze in a few blogs and videos on location alongside the real work I have to do.


I’m not going to lie, the weather isn’t what I hoped for.  I’ve packed my running shoes and yoga mat with the hope of getting some fitness in along the River Thames and all it’s done is rained so I’ve had to shuffle my schedule and hopefully with a bit of luck, I’ll get a dry spell and run off the Indian takeout that we treated ourselves to over the weekend.

DSC_0034-02But all is not totally lost.  With a bit of planning, I packed the ingredients of what is to be my first trial recipe to experiment with, which is to be an adapted version of A Girl Called Jack’s 9p Burger for my blog and YouTube, then later if I’m not all burgered out, I want to show you one of my favourites, a Syn Free Sloppy Joes.DSC_0043-01

Now the reason I’ve decided to film while I am the making a recipe I’ve never done before is because I’ve been inspired by yet another blogger over the last week, a Jamie Oliver-esque style self trained chef, Barry Lewis who hosts the YouTube Channel, A Virgin Kitchen.  He has come a long way if you compare his videos 4 years ago, but i love these the most.  He follows recipes he’s never made before in vlogging fashion, showing his success or failures.  So I’m going to take this format (thank you, Mr Barry) and see how I get on with Jack’s burger.

It could go either way.  Firstly, I’m adapting it, but only because I don’t have all of her ingredients in my camper and I don’t have a fridge to firm up the texture.  Either way, it will still be my lunch.  And if all goes well, there will be a new recipe for you all to try.


It’s now 2:15pm and I can now confirm all went as planned.  However, I did feel the need to get the olive oil out to finish off my burgers as they are quite fragile as Jack says so herself and I had to use a little more too as my cheap plug in camping hob is slow at cooking, but it still turned out fine.  Note, even Hans my collie wanted a bit and that’s quite unusual for meatless recipes.  Happy vegan-converted pooch, if only for a short while.

Note, as the kidney beans are flavourless, you can mix any herbs and spices you wish.  But I don’t think they are sufficient on their own and much preferred them in a bread bun with salad and some sauce.

If you want to try Jack’s original, then here is her blog recipe again.  I loved how simple and quick this was to make- I just slowed down the process by filming a tutorial at the same time and to be honest, I had fun mucking about, getting flour all over me and pretending my pan was a guitar.  Of course, you could do that too.  Sounds like a festival in fact.

My 9p Style Burger Recipe

1  400g Kidney beans, drained and rinsed
4 spring onions, finely chopped
1 sweet potato, washed and grated
1 tsp tumeric
1 tsp ground coriander
1 heaped tsp flour plus extra for burger shaping or for a syn free version, try smash or an egg.
Oil for frying (or frylight if you think the mixture will hold)

1.  Drain and the kidney beans and pour in to a saucepan, bring to boil and simmer for 10 minutes.

2.  Saute onion, sweet potato, tumeric and coriander in a frying pan and cook on low heat until everything has softened.

3.  Once the kidney beans have softened, add to the sauted veg and squish with your hands or mash together, then stir in the flour, or for a syn free version, try an egg or smash

4.  Now spray your pan with frylight and cover your hands in flour and grab a quarter of the mixture and roll in your hands to form a ball and repeat until all the mixture is used up.

5.  Fry for a few minutes on each side and serve in wholemeal breadbuns.

So I hope you like it and please let me know if you give it a go, and even better if you’re camping too!  My YouTube video will hopefully be LIVE in the next few days once all is edited.

With Love all the way from London on a campsite somewhere,
Tastefully Vikkie x

2 thoughts on “The 9p Bean Burger – Vegan Recipe Inspired by A Girl Called Jack – Cooking & Camping in London

    • Unfortunately I didn’t have carrot and thought it must work out roughly about the same just maybe a little less sweet. Let me know if you try it! Can’t wait to do more recipes on the road 🙂 x


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